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Home Fire Protection Education

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Fire safety is a very interesting…and always important topic.  We have put together a short, lively program that really gets people thinking about fire safety and of course, gives them some answers too.  This is the same program that we have 
done for schools, churches and fire departments and businesses in the area for many years.

A certified safety consultant does the safety program and it’s really very good.  It is a fun and fast-moving program that I can assure you, your group will be talking about for weeks. Our Safety Consultant will have everyone take a short quiz to see what they know about fire safety, then of course we’ll give them the answers.  We’ll also give your group some tips on preparing for a fire and how some of the latest technology works to protect them. We custom design the program to fit your time 
schedule…anywhere between 35 minutes and an hour.

The best part is this is all done FREE of charge and nothing is for sale. Funding for this program is provided by the HESMC, Education Fund.

At the end of the program, if anyone would like more detailed information for their own home or family, we will show them how they can get that…which is also free!